Monday, August 21, 2017

Dear all, please repeat the key definitions that we learned today 
task 1- learn them

Task 2 search them
Next classes, you need to prepare a poster or a presentation regarding the followings; 

What are the oldest? and biggest living organisms on Earth?
How old are they?
How big are they?
Which countries are they? 
What are the things that make them this much big and live that much long? 
Please share your ideas in your presentation or in your poster.

task 3 - answer them 
thanks a lot

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dear Grade 6 Parents 

My name is Mr. Aybars Dastan, I am going to be grade 6 homeroom teacher. I hope you and your child got a great summer together but now it is time to enjoy, pursue our goals and dreams at our school. We will be starting our school on August 21st and we will have Parent Orientation Day tomorrow on August 18th. If you cannot attend Parent Orientation Day, please let me know by an email.


I am 35 and from west coast of Turkey, l am married with a Malaysian lady and have a 4 year-old son. I am both teacher and a parent in this school since my child joined HJIS family. 

I have worked in a variety of teaching and leadership positions in the education sector over the past ten years in Malaysia. I have Bachelor’s Degree from Abant Izzet Baysal University Department of Biology and I have a master’s degree in science education.

Brief history of me

Since 2007 Teacher

Since 2008 Science Teacher for Middle, Primary and high school

Since 2009 Head of science

Since 2009 International biology and science project developer

Since 2009 – 2012 Head of primary

Since 2011 Cambridge exam officer

Since 2012 Head of IGCSE

Since 2015 IB Biology teacher

Since 2016 Post-secondary advisor and most importantly science and physics teacher in HJIS this year  

Hope to enjoy a lot with our very first unit which is Living things 

In this unit, pupils build on their previous knowledge of living things and the senses to develop their knowledge of 
-The characteristics common to all living things, and their importance to survival of the organism. 
-That all living things are made of cells, the structure and typical cells, how cells are adapted to their function. 
-How cells are organised in tissues, organs and organ systems to efficiently carry out the functions of life.

Welcome to Music!

Welcome back to Horizon! I hope that you had a lovely summer and are ready for the new school year. My name is Ms. Shay and I am very excited to continue as your music teacher this year. I am originally from Arizona in the United States, and I received my education from Western Michigan University. This is my sixth year teaching, and my third year here at Horizon. I look forward to getting to know your children better as we begin the school year together.

This year in Grade 6 we are excited to introduce ukulele as our instrumental focus.  In term 1, we will be looking at how to care for and maintain our instruments, as well as learning some basic chords, strum patterns, and vocal techniques to accompany our own playing.

One quick note about ukuleles: This year, we are requiring students to purchase their own ukuleles, as students need to be able to practice regularly (at home) to improve their playing ability. If you need any advice or help with choosing the right instrument, more information is provided in the supply list.  Also, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Musically yours,

Ms. Shay

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to Art Class!

Hi there!  My name is Ms. Mutrux and I'll be your art teacher this year.  I'm really excited to be teaching at Horizon and especially to be living in Japan.  In my class, we'll be creating some cool projects, learning new skills, expressing ourselves, and talking about art.  I can't wait to meet all of you!

Friday, June 23, 2017

June Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 6 

We finally finished this academic year!
It was very hard to make a push to finish all the units from their kokugo textbook, even then I had a great time with HORIZON students!  
And I am glad that I can tell every student has improved their Kokugo ability.
Students will take a Japanese file home, please look over it and praise them the result of the Japanese learning of this year.

I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation for learning Japanese. 
And I would like to congratulate the Grade 6 students on their graduation from primary.

During the summer break, all the JNL students have Japanese homework.
Please check it with your children.
I hope everyone has a nice summer break.
                                                                                   Ms. Hayashi 

 Sometimes the topic of “Kanji no hiroba” appears in their kokugo-textbook for kanji practice, the Grade 6 students enjoyed looking at the picture, and then making sentences using some kanji. They tried to work hard to use all the kanji in the textbook. 
 Next topic was “Wasurerarenai kotoba”, learned about essay. And they reflected on their life up to now, wrote down their momorable word. 
 They also read the story “Umi no inoch”. It’s a story the boy grows into an independent fisherman. We have been trying to take the story seriously and thoughtfully to understand the hero’s feeling.  

 At the last, they tried to make a speech about unforgettable things or dreams in the topic of “Ima watashiwa Bokuwa”. Since it is the last year in their primary school, it was a good chance to think about it. Each student had been trying to make an effort to express frankly about their real feelings. If you have a chance, please listen to it at home.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22nd

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Lots of clean up and fun times.

Today's Homework: Read, because you should read everyday.

Today's Message: Graduation is tomorrow. Dress well, look great, lets have a great YEP! See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday, June 21st

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had SS where we worked on our projects. Most of the girls worked today on getting editing done... and they finished!

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, bring in a bag to bring home your stuff, ondoku.

Today's Message: Final Class Activity tomorrow, bring outdoor clothes for outside games.