Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday, May. 23rd

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had SS where we finished watching the documentary about Blood Diamonds. In Science we practiced for our Cambridge. In Music we continued working on our Storyboards.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes (Independent Study Novels!), Journal (21-24) good copies due Monday, Novel Book Report due Friday, June 2nd, Blood Diamond/Human Rights Journal due Monday, ondoku, Science Cambridge study, math if not finished.

Today's Message: Teacher's Day is on Thursday, feel free to bring in a salad or starter for the

Art- May Newsletter

Hello everyone,

This month G6 students began enlarging their chosen artwork, images. They were asked to look at landscapes, famous places in other countries and choose one to enlarge by using the enlargement techniques we have been talking. They will choose their own way of coloring and designing their work in order to make the work similar to the original one as much as they can.

Final works will be posted once they finish!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday, May. 22nd

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had LA where we did Spelling and Journal work. In PE we had Free Time. Finally, we had Math where we completed worksheets on Surface Area.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Journal Good Copy 21-24 due Monday, Independent Novel Reading and Book Report due June 2nd, ondoku, math worksheets on surface area if not finished, study Science Cambridge.

Today's Message: Science Cambridge is delayed one week. It will be next week.

Science May Newsletter

This month we will start learning The topic Putting things into group

In this unit, pupils build on their previous knowledge of grouping together materials and living things with similar properties and characteristics to develop their knowledge of

  •         Metals and non-metals.
  •         Everyday materials and their physical properties.
  •         Classify animals and plants into major groups, using some locally occurring examples.
  •         Understand what is meant by a species.
  •         Investigate variation within a species.

Scientific Enquiry work focuses on:

·        Considering the variables to control, change or observe.
·        Making predictions referring to previous scientific knowledge and understanding and reviewing them against evidence.
·        Using information from secondary sources.
·        Choosing appropriate apparatus and using it correctly.
·        Making careful observations including measurements.
·        Presenting results in the form of tables, bar charts and line graphs.
·        Making conclusions from collected data.

Recommended Vocabulary for this unit:

Property, absorbent, transparent, opaque, brittle, high/low density, malleable, flexible, ductile, sonorous, melting point, boiling point, hardness, strength, species, vertebrates, invertebrates, microbes, fungi, bacteria, arthropods.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, May. 19th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events:

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Journal #24 due Monday, Read Independent Novels and have projects selected, Science Cambridge Test is next week,

Today's Events: Sleepover has begun... wish me luck...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

ICT Newsletter

Grade 6 students have worked on Prezi which is a visual storytelling software and alternative to traditional slide-based presentation formats. Prezi presentations feature a map-like, schematic overview that lets users pan between topics at will, zoom in on desired details, and pull back to reveal context.  This freedom of movement enables “conversational presenting,” a presentation style in which presentations follow the flow of dialogue, instead of vice-versa. Grade 6 students can purposefully edit templates, insert objects such as image, shapes, video, hyperlink and more.

Thursday, May. 18th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had LA where we did Independent Reading as well as presented our second Screenplays. In SS we finished our study on Anders Breivek. Finally, we had Maths where we did worksheets on Surface Area.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Journal #24 due Monday, Read Novels and have your projects picked by Friday, study for spelling test (last week's and this week's words), Math worksheets if not finished, ondoku (new one).

Today's Message: Sleepover is tomorrow! Please read the email sent today about what to bring.