Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April. 25

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had our last Cambridge Test. Then we began our new SS unit on Human Rights. Finally, we had Math where we prepared for our final Math Cambridge tomorrow.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, study for Math Cambridge tomorrow, Mystery/Suspense & Tsurumi River project due Friday, Journal #21: Sleepover Party Dialogue due Monday,

Today's Message: Final Cambridge is tomorrow! You're almost there!

April- Art Newsletter


This month we have discussed about the ideas, methods and approaches used by artists in landscape painting.

As a first activity, students were asked to choose a painting to answer the following questions;

  • What can you see?
  • Why did the artist choose this viewpoint?
  • What was the purpose of this work?
  • How has the artist used line, pattern, colour and perspective in the work?
In the following weeks, they will be enlarging a landscape image using grid system, a way of enlarging images.

Below are few pictures of students' costume designs;

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday, April. 24th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: We had our first Cambridge Test this morning. Later we completed Spelling. Our day ended with our Math Cambridge.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, study for final Cambridge Test, Mystery/Suspense & Tsurumi Project due Friday,

Today's Message: Cambridge #1 is done! Test #2 is tomorrow. Study up for the final strike on Cambridge!

Friday, April 21, 2017

April Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 6  

We could start term 3 successfully! 
I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter.
Please enjoy reading it.

 The first topic of this term for Grade 6 students was “Konoe watashiwa kou miru”. They looked the picture and then described their feelings. They tried to work hard at giving their opinions.
 Next topic was “Kanji o tadasiku tsukaeruyouni”, they drilled using Kanji correctly which has a same reading but a different meaning. Also we checked some words which has special reading Kanji such as some Japanese technical words for math or science.
 Now, we are learning traditional Japanese culture at the topic of “Tsutaerarete kitamono”. They enjoyed Kyogen play “Kakiyamabusi (柿山伏)", Japanese classic entertainment. It is hard to read because the expression is different from today. But I hope they could feel fun of the story and line.


Friday, April 21st

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had Japanese where we did a small test. In Art we searched for landscapes projects. Finally, we had Math where continued Cambridge Study.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Journal good copy due Monday, Cambridge Study- go over your test, do your practice tests, Mystery/Suspense & River projects due Friday, Math Cambridge Study, Kanji test, and ondoku for those not done.

Today's Message: Do your best to prepare for Monday and Tuesday. Non-Fiction test will very likely be first. Good luck and do your best!

ICF should be on tomorrow.


Hello. My name is Shizuka Miller. I have traveled to 23 countries in my life, but now I have lots of students who are from places I haven’t been to yet.  I am so excited to learn new things with the Horizon students!

Here is what we have done this month;
Grade 6
Advanced:  For the review of Kanji, we read NezuminoYomeiri.(a Japanese folk tale),we read a new story with no artwork on the pages, Gongitsune,written by Nimi Nankichi, and drew one scene from the story. Then, we watched a video of Gongitsune to make sure they understood the story. We also talked about putting ourselves in the position of Hyobei (the main character) in the story.
Their speaking skills are a little weaker than their writing skills, so we will focus on speaking more.

Primary:  Still learning Katakana and basic vocabulary, and often we do fun activities together.
Please feel free to contact us anytime for any inquiries.
Thank you, 
Shizuka Miller

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had Japanese where we watched a video about Kakiyama Bushi. Music we worked on our ICF dance. In ICT we made a slideshow about ICF.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, study for Rivers' Unit Test, Cambridge Study, Journal Good Copy due Monday, Mystery/Suspense story and Tsurumi River project due Monday, Math Cambridge study, ondoku.

Today's Message: ICF is on Saturday so make sure your costume is ready to go!