Friday, February 24, 2017

February Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 6
 Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter. 
 Please enjoy reading it. 
                                          Ms. Hayashi 

 After reading the story“Heiwa no toride o kizuku”, the Grade 6 students wrote down their opinion about peace and announce it in a class. They understood the tragedy of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and believed we must never have another war.
 And at the topic “Seikatsu nonakano kotoba” They learned how to speak showing respect for others in their daily life. I really would like them to use these respect words in their daily life correctly.
 Next topic was the story “Yamanashi”written by the famous author
”Miyazawa Kenji”. We tried to feel his great expressions. We also talked about what is “Kuramubon” in the story. There were different understandings, some of them said it’s a ray of light or it’s crab bubbles or it’ a plankton. In any case, the “Kuramubon” is only the author knows.
They had reading homework for this story. Some students is apt to forget their reading homework and some of them still haven’t finished it. I know it is a hard time to read this story because of long story. Please encourage them to do it. I always appreciate your support and cooperation.
 Now we are reading “Ihatobu no yume” about the author, Miyazawa Kenji who wrote “Yamanashi”.

               Sometimes they get free time at the last few 
               minutes and enjoy playing "bouzu-mekuri".


Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, Feb. 20th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had LA where we went over new vocabulary words. Second LA was journal work. Finally, we had Science and worked Young Inventors' Projects.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Hatchet Ch. 13/14 due tomorrow, Ch. 15 due Thursday, Paraphrasing due Wednesday, continue to work on Autobiographies which are due the Friday after I get back (March 3rd), journal #16 due Monday, Science Test on Friday, Science Prep Test worksheet, ondoku work, and math posters which are due tomorrow.

Today's Message: This will likely be the last blog post until I return from Hokkaido. Please have your children be extra responsible with their homework and behaviour while I am away.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, Feb. 17th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had LA where we had our weekly spelling test. In art we continued to do our headwear. In Science we watched Bill Nye and did a worksheet.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, journal #15 due Monday, Prepositions worksheet due Monday, Hatchet Ch. 13/14 due Tues, Ch. 15 due Thurs, continue working on Autobiography good copies, Paraphrasing due Wed., ondoku and kanji homework, Science test next Friday.

Today's Message: Science Week is next week, with small events happening all week and the main event happening during the last half of Friday.
Dear parents of Grade 6 JAL class,

This is the first news after the winter break.  

As the advanced group students are well motivated to learn Japanese, they are making steady progress both in kanji learning(Gr.4 level of Japanese public schools) and Kodomono Nihongo text book(now they are learning unit 22 and 23 depending on their own pace),  what they need however, is more confident in speaking in Japanese. I will keep encouraging them to speak more Japanese in class, so that their speech will catch up with their reading comprehension skill.

The beginners group students are struggling to increase their vocabularies, and they learned basic adjectives using cards and worksheets in January. They started the new unit of Kodomono nihongo, which has made them feel sure of improving their Japanese.

Both groups sometimes play card games or watch short films together, so that they can feel they are the same JAL class. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday, Feb. 16th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had LA where we read Hatchet. We also had Music where we continued working on our compositions. In ICT we continued our programming project.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Hatchet Ch. 13/14 due Tuesday, Ch. 15 due Thursday, Spelling test with Definitions is tomorrow, Journal #15 due Monday, Autobiographies due Friday, March 3rd, ondoku homework, Angles work if you didn't finish, Science test is tomorrow.

Today's Message: We met our Substitute teacher Mrs. Maddox today who will be covering for Mr. Aldridge next week when he is away in Hokkaido. We will treat her very well!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wed. Feb. 15th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had PE where we played Handball. In LA we did a Grammar test. Finally, we had Math where we worked on area and perimeter.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Hatchet Ch.12 due tomorrow, Journals due Monday, Spelling Test (Definitions) on Friday, Science test on Friday, math homework on shapes due tomorrow.

Today's Message: Chance to study more for your test if you didn't finish. Use your extra time well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, Feb. 14th

Dear Grade 6 Parents,

Today's Events: Today we had Science where we did an experiment on balance. We also had LA where we worked on our Autobiographies (which are due on Thursday). Finally, we had music where we continued to write our music.

Today's Homework: Read 20 minutes, Point of View/Connectives/Prepositions/Grammar Test tomorrow, Hatchet Ch. 12 due Thursday, Ch. 13 due Tuesday, Journal #15 due Monday, math worksheet on length/volume/mass is due tomorrow, ondoku.

Today's Message: Test is tomorrow! I've given you all the necessary tools, you just need to sharpen them by studying!